About AWR

Why AWR?

Landfills, slurry pits, long hauls, and outdated facilities are not sustainable solutions for the oilfield waste problems that are a growing, material threat to the fossil fuel industry and our environment. That is why the AWR team is building a bridge between the old and the new way of thinking, to help create viable, sustainable solutions for numerous oilfield waste problems that pose a clear and present danger to our industry and our wellbeing. There are significant unmet needs for the services we provide.

This is why when our Oil Reclamation Solutions built our reclamation plant to manage production and drilling oil waste in West Texas, we met with the Texas Railroad Commission to find a better solution for our partners and the environment. Instead of disposing the toxic waste in open pits and landfills, we designed a closed system to hold waste so that we never release control of the fluids or solids until they are no longer toxic. After we complete cleaning and processing, there are virtually no toxic chemicals delivered to the landfill.

This is why our Saltwater Disposal Solutions are strategically located and built so that trucks can process through more quickly, saving time, money, and reduce carbon emissions. When we built our facilities, we exceeded all environmental requirements with our people, community, partners, and planet in mind. For our partners safety, our facilities are manned, our load lanes are farther apart than is typical, and our staging areas are paved or graveled.

Our Approach

At AWR, we understand that true sustainability requires a balance of economic growth, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. To achieve this necessary balance, we have placed our focus on 3 core principles: Responsible, Innovative, and Collaborative. These 3 key principles are the guiding beliefs on which we were founded, and we extend these principles to all areas of our business.


We take personal responsibility for our actions and results. We feel a responsibility to care for and treat others with respect. This responsibility to care extends to our communities and our planet as we strive to make sustainable business and personal decisions.


Our ingenuity and solution-oriented approach creates value for all participants of our internal or external relationships. This attitude of innovation enables us to create further sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our planet’s natural resources.


We are better together. Each of us brings unique skill sets and experiences to our team and will achieve better results when we rely on and include each other. We collaborate with our partners to create ways our services can benefit everyone involved.